Health and Wellness Videos

Employers are more and more concerned about the mental and physical health of their employees. This goes beyond keeping people safe during the pandemic. People are dealing with higher levels of stress, grief, loss, and isolation.

View microlearning videos that help support better health and wellness with courses on brain food and deskercises below.

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You Are What You Eat: Brain Food

As we get older our brains start to deteriorate. But, just like there are foods that help our muscles, skin, or eyes, there are also foods that help our brains function and age well. Eating food that fuels your brain is as important as fueling the rest of your body.

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Deskercises: Simple, Cardio, and Core

Sitting improperly at your desk can cause many physical problems. However, research shows that stretching or light exercise at work can relieve symptoms of both physical and mental stress. These are some simple Deskercises, plus cardio and core Deskercises.

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