Sample Off-the-Shelf Onboarding Videos

Watch two sample courses that could be used in your employee onboarding mentioned in our blog.

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Creating Civility in the Workplace

Being civil to one another seems simple enough. We can all show common courtesy, right? Believe it or not, lack of civility in workplaces is on the rise. This can impact employee engagement, productivity, creativity, and collaboration. What’s considered “uncivil” may not be what you think. This course takes a look at several little things many people are guilty of doing that they may not even realize are harmful or hurtful. We’ll discuss why we justify those actions, why we often fixate on each other’s differences, and some common missteps that many companies are taking.

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Active Listening

To listen actively, you have to pay attention. You can’t multitask, you can’t avoid eye contact, you can’t assume, and you can’t be formulating your response. You have to hear the information. It needs to enter your brain, and then your brain needs to think about it. It’s a much more complex task than we might think. This program discusses several ways to be a better listener, and the many things that often get in the way of listening well.

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