Social Awareness and Workplace Empathy

View microlearning videos supporting themes on social awareness and empathizing with your co-workers.

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Returning to Work After a Loss: When You've Lost a Loved One

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, then the grief is likely still fresh. And while you carry that grief with you, you have to start picking up the pieces and return to work. In this course, we’re going to highlight some steps you can take to help ease your way back into work in a healthy way.

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Don't Be a Calvin! (Dealing with Allergies)

Allergies to anything can be a huge pain. Side effects range from sneezing and itchy eyes to swelling and trouble breathing. In this program, we’ll go over what causes allergies, the signs of an allergic reaction, and being more conscientious when interacting with others who might have allergies.

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