Presentation Skills Training Videos

Watch presentation skills training videos on knowing your audience as well as effective ways to structure your presentation.

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Presentation Skills Basics: Structuring Your Presentation

Whenever you’re putting together a presentation, you want to organize your information carefully, and come up with a structure for your presentation. This is sometimes referred to as the backbone of your presentation. There are all kinds of backbones that we can use, depending on what’s most logical and effective for that content. In this program, we’ll go over the different types of backbones and discuss some common mistakes people make when structuring presentations.

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Presentation Skills Basics: Know Your Audience

When you’re tasked with delivering a presentation, the first thing you need to understand is your audience. Not every presentation is suitable to every audience. You may in fact have to have different versions of the same presentation, based on the audience you’re talking to at a given event. So how do you get to know your audience? And once you do, how does that affect your basic outline for your presentation? In this program, we’ll talk about getting to know your audience, so you can craft a presentation specific to them.

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