HSI and Parent Heart Watch Partner to Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death

HSI and Parent Heart Watch Partner to Prevent  Sudden Cardiac Death

Health & Safety Institute (HSI) and Parent Heart Watch (PHW) have partnered to offer HSI’s Remote Skills Verification (RSV) training technology for CPR, AED and First Aid to increase the sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival rate beyond 10%, where it has remained stagnant for three decades. Given 356,000 people are lost each year to SCA, 23,000 of those are youth under age 18, there is a critical need to equip the public with basic skills that could triple a victim’s chance of survival. The partnership brings together two organizations recognized for their success in promoting awareness, education and training so that anyone can respond to a cardiac emergency.

Traditionally, this type of training relied on in-person, day-long classes, but RSV training offers interactive, remote instruction in CPR, AED and First Aid for full certification. HSI employs live instructors to remotely observe and provide real-time feedback to students who utilize all the appropriate equipment to demonstrate their hands-on skills.

“Our goal is to provide emergency care training that is accessible for students and instructors, and is updated regularly according to the latest guidelines,” says Anthony Corwin, HSI’s General Manager of Emergency Care. “As a leader in CPR, AED and First Aid training, HSI is always looking for innovative collaborations to promote bystander training efforts.”

“Critical to prevention is helping people know what to do if their children, loved ones, friends or neighbors experience a cardiac emergency,” says Martha Lopez-Anderson, Executive Director of Parent Heart Watch. “This partnership brings reputable CPR and AED training to school, sport, recreation and workplace communities nationwide through our membership network, with proceeds supporting our national movement to protect young hearts by raising the standard for cardiac preparedness—a key pillar for our Vision 2030 to eliminate preventable deaths and disabilities from sudden cardiac arrest in youth.”

About HSI
HSI is a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and workforce development solutions that offers an integrated suite of solutions for compliance software, safety management and compliance training, management and employee development training, and emergency care and CPR training for businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit www.hsi.com.

About Parent Heart Watch
Parent Heart Watch (PHW), is the national voice solely dedicated to protecting youth from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and preventable Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). PHW leads and empowers others by sharing information, educating, and advocating for change. For more information, visit www.parentheartwatch.org.

Media Contact: Vicky Grogg, Health & Safety Institute (HSI)
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