HSI Announces In-Platform AI for EHS Solutions and Employee Training

HSI Announces In-Platform AI for EHS Solutions and Employee Training

AI now integrated into multiple facets of the HSI platform, enhancing EHS applications, employee training, and document creation

Frisco, TX. – January 23, 2024 – HSI, a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), compliance, and professional development training and software, announces the release of new AI (Artificial Intelligence) functions in the HSI platform, providing streamlined actions for EHS management, safety and professional development, safety and process document creation, all in one platform with a singular user interface.

HSI’s goal in building AI directly into the platform is to provide capabilities which enable users to improve key business outcomes. The initial AI-enabled features represent HSI’s continued investment and commitment to help organizations decrease risk, reduce costs and improve efficiency, and are consistent with their mission of making the workplace safer and smarter.

The new AI-enabled features being released in January include:

AI Summaries for EHS: With AI summaries, users can quickly create a detailed yet brief synopsis of key points of an incident or other EHS record. Via a simple button click on a record, these summaries are created on demand, automatically updated with new information when a record is updated. The AI-produced summaries will respect viewer/user permissions, allowing confidential information to stay protected.

“It is incredibly helpful for managers and employees alike to be able to pull summarized information on incidents or other records, scan through the information to get a quick synopsis, or identify potential trends that need to be addressed,” said Jose Arcilla, HSI President and COO. “Many incident records may contain multiple reports, notes, observations, and timelines, and can be cumbersome to quickly review. Our AI summaries reduce time spent reviewing full records and allow employees to focus in on those which need more attention.”

Future enhancements to the AI-produced summary function will include improved insights, recommendations, corrective actions, and training based on details in the EHS system record.

AI Document Creation: Using generative AI, users now have the ability to create safety and other process documents within the HSI platform and save the completed documents for use by all employees. While there are many standard safety documents and procedures, each company also has unique requirements. This AI feature provides a starting point for policies, custom training content, safety inspection/checklist information, and more. AI document creation functions as a digital assistant to help managers create new documents or update existing documents, saving administrative time and getting new process documentation into the hands of employees faster.

AI Training Course Library Search: The LMS portion of the HSI platform now utilizes an AI-enhanced query of all training content. The AI engine has been trained on our library of over 5,000 courses so users can be more specific in their searches and the results returned will better match searcher intent. In addition, two different sets of results are returned, depending on user permissions. One set of results shows courses that are immediately available to employees from their existing library. The second set, for administrators, shows results from the entire HSI library, allowing customers to browse and add new courses to their employee training plan.

“AI is not meant to replace a skilled EHS expert or HR professional. But it can help EHS and other professionals move quicker and focus on areas that need attention,” said Chad Birckelbaw, HSI CEO. “Having these tools available in a corporate platform for EHS, training and chemical management helps companies proactively manage risks and create a safer, better workplace environment.”

The power of AI is in meeting workers where they are, in the systems they are working within daily. HSI’s AI platform features can help reduce the administrative duties of leaders whose primary responsibility is the safety and culture of their workplace. The addition of AI to the HSI platform continues the expansion of HSI’s products and the focus on a single system, allowing businesses to condense disparate, disconnected technologies into a single partner solution. This creates a more holistic view of the workplace and enables data to function across multiple disciplines in the work environment.

HSI continues to invest in product growth and strategic acquisitions that further its mission of making workplaces safer and smarter, improving EHS and ESG functions, empowering professional development, psychological and psychosocial health, and simplifying business compliance.

About HSI

HSI is your single-source partner for EHS, ESG, training, compliance, and professional development solutions. HSI provides integrated e-learning content, training solutions, and cloud-based software designed to enable your business to improve safety, operations, and employee development. Across all industries, HSI helps safety and technical managers, human resources, first responders, and operational leaders train and develop their workforce, keep workers safe, and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements. HSI is a unique partner that offers a suite of cloud-based software solutions including an EHS and ESG platform, learning management, chemical/SDS management, and more, integrated with content and training so businesses can not only monitor and manage multiple workflows in one system, but train employees via one partner. HSI is majority-owned by Waud Capital Partners, a leading growth-oriented private equity firm with total capital commitments of approximately $3.0 billion. For more information, visit www.hsi.com.

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