HSI Announces OneHSI Updated Platform, Delivering Enhanced and Integrated Capabilities for EHS Solutions and Employee Training

HSI Announces OneHSI Updated Platform, Delivering Enhanced and Integrated Capabilities for EHS Solutions and Employee Training

The updated HSI EHS Platform and new User Experience (UX) creates the link between training and EHS, making it easier to log and track issues, train employees, and mitigate future problems

Frisco, TX. – March 7, 2023 – HSI, a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), compliance, and professional development training and software, announced the release of its new UX for 2023, providing the first EHS system to fully integrate an EHS management and tracking solution, an LMS with more than 4,000 safety and professional development courses, and a chemical management solution, all in one platform with a singular user interface. The new UI also offers additional, enhanced capabilities allowing users to easily move between modules, create cross-functional workflows, and compile data across all solutions in a single location.

With an enhanced ability to track incidents, train employees, and mitigate future problems more effectively, users can see training compliance data, incident data, and other relevant data in the same system. This capability simplifies the assignment of corrective training, thus mitigating issues, keeping the workforce and worksite safer. Corrective training can be based on events that occur in EHS workflows. This feature creates a training obligation as part of the corrective action, making the process of logging, managing, and closing out cases far more efficient, effective, and data rich.

Three of the top priorities for the EHS function, according to a leading analyst survey, are: increasing engagement levels with EHS training; consolidating various enterprise software systems; and reducing serious injuries and fatalities (SiFs)*. The new release from HSI allows businesses to have multiple workstreams in one system, and layer in an extensive training component on everything from on-the-job-safety to mental and psychological health. The combination of these two plus other solutions in a single system helps lead to decreased incidents, injuries and fatalities.

"We are thrilled to announce the release of our updated platform and new user experience," said Chad Birckelbaw, CEO, HSI. "Our combination of a highly-configurable EHS platform tightly integrated with a scaled, best-in-class training content library covering the breadth of topics we have is unique in the marketplace. The ability to log, train and report on all safety data is of immeasurable value for our customers, and companies of all sizes. Visibility leads to mitigated problems, which leads to safer employees."

The UX's synchronized customer hub and tight data integration provide a seamless experience for users, especially for managers and administrators who have a full-cycle view of their employees, training, safety data, and more, in one reporting platform. In conjunction with the new user interface and experience, we have also enhanced translation capabilities, offering additional multilingual support. This feature is set by the user profile and enhances accessibility for a broader audience. Furthermore, an improvement within the integrated chemical management solution affords the ability to offer Safety Datasheet (SDS) "decisions" for workflow approvals, thus streamlining SDS document approval for use in the workplace.

"Our goal was to create a single pane of glass for EHS professionals – one cohesive system with one look and feel. We’ve seen where the market wants to go, and we’ve gotten there sooner than other providers," said Jose Arcilla, President and COO of HSI. "Creating a system that incorporates multiple EHS needs, and the ability to have a more holistic view across their employees not only saves time and money, but ultimately improves the worksite and individual lives.”

The OneHSI platform and new user experience are immediately available to all new customers. HSI is quickly updating existing customers. HSI continues to invest in product growth and strategic acquisitions that further its mission of making workplaces safer and smarter, improving EHS and ESG functions, empowering professional development, and simplifying business compliance.



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