HSI Launches ESG Solution

HSI Launches ESG Solution

HSI’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) solution set is uniquely positioned to help organizations roll out or expand upon their ESG strategies via software, employee training, and systems integrations

HSI, a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), compliance, and workforce development training and software, announced today the release of their ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) solution set. Over the last few years, HSI has been building via product enhancements and innovation to position themselves as a unique provider of ESG solutions, inclusive of tracking and reporting software, workplace safety training, chemical management, and employee development learning including diversity, equity and inclusion. HSI is able to help companies track, train, mitigate, and comply via solutions that help provide a single version of ESG information through an advanced data capture and reporting platform.

As interest in ESG has grown across the breadth of the enterprise business segment as well as those in the mid-market, companies are in need of an integrated solution that is quick to set up, flexible and easy to manage, and can be a complete solution in benchmarking and driving towards improved ESG goals. Current ESG providers focus on Environmental data and reporting, missing the needs of businesses to comply with and improve Social and Governance measures. HSI provides Environmental data collection and tracking as well as solutions for the Social and Governance areas that are tantamount to business success, such as improving customer perceptions, gaining access to new markets and buyers, reducing workplace incidents, and improving employee engagement and retention.

“Employees are the crucial part of both an EHS and ESG program,” said Chad Birckelbaw, CEO of HSI. “HSI has long been a key provider of safety and compliance training, and EHS software, helping workplaces stay safer and smarter. HSI workforce development training and eLearning, including key topics such as DEI, leadership, mental health and wellness, resilience and communication, and more, HSI is equipped to support companies on their ESG journey across multiple dimensions and regardless of which department is tasked with benchmarking and improvement.”

The HSI ESG solution set is centered within the HSI EHS software platform, with an integrated LMS for training and compliance, and connected chemical management solution. The cloud-based, intuitive platform is used as the employee and management interface for collecting critical Environmental data such as a company’s carbon output, energy consumption, waste management, and hazardous-chemical inventory. With training and an LMS built into the platform, Social elements such as training compliance, data and privacy issues, labor standards, and safety rates can be monitored. The HSI platform allows seamless integration of external data repositories such as an HRIS to pull in Governance data like diversity among the staff and Board, executive compensation, contributions, and more.

“The strength of the HSI platform is in providing an all-in-one solution for ESG whereby companies can gather data that is material to their specific needs, provide 1,000’s of training and compliance courses, and integrate data from other departments and sources into a single repository where ESG tracking and reporting can be accomplished for the overall company,” added Jose Arcilla, COO of HSI. “The platform provides what companies would normally need to purchase from four or five different vendors, which helps with cost savings and business continuity.”

The ESG solution comes with powerful, pre-configured dashboards and reports allowing you to see everything that's happening in real-time. A built-in BI (Business Intelligence) suite allows for both out-of-the-box data visualizations and enhanced customizations to meet your needs.

“Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen workflow-driven processes within an organization,” added Arcilla. “Digitization and consolidation are keys for businesses right now. Reporting on and improving ESG processes and metrics is a long-term effort. HSI is here to enable businesses of all sizes to get started now, and allow them to scale and grow within our vast solution set as their needs expand.”

With investments by Waud Capital Partners, HSI continues to invest in product growth and strategic acquisitions that further its mission of making workplaces safer and smarter, improving EHS and ESG functions, empowering employee development, and simplifying business compliance.

About HSI

HSI is your single-source partner for EHS, ESG, training, compliance, and professional development solutions. HSI provides integrated e-learning content, training solutions, and cloud-based software designed to enable your business to improve safety, operations, and employee development. Across all industries, HSI helps safety and technical managers, human resources, first responders, and operational leaders train and develop their workforce, keep workers safe, and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements. HSI is a unique partner that offers a suite of cloud-based software solutions including an EHS and ESG platform, learning management, chemical/SDS management, and more, integrated with content and training so businesses can not only monitor and manage multiple workflows in one system, but train employees via one partner. HSI is majority-owned by Waud Capital Partners, a leading growth-oriented private equity firm with total capital commitments of approximately $3.0 billion. For more information, visit www.hsi.com.

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