HSI Releases Business Intelligence Powered Analytics Dashboard for LMS

HSI Releases Business Intelligence Powered Analytics Dashboard for LMS

HSI, a leader in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and workforce development software, training, and compliance solutions, today announced the release of a new analytics dashboard powered by business intelligence to drive enhanced compliance tracking and reporting within the HSI Learning Management System (LMS.) The new dashboard is immediately available to all customers.

With the new dashboard, customers get a quick look into the metrics that matter most (like employee training compliance) from the home page. The graphs and charts are visually appealing and provide the information and insight leadership typically needs at a moment’s notice. Often the home page of software applications contains attractive graphics without useful, actionable information; the new HSI dashboard has both.

“Most LMS users focus on compliance tracking. Our users are particularly attuned to this as so much of what they do is workforce safety and compliance related,” says HSI CEO Chad Birckelbaw. “We want to make sure our customers are able to quickly and easily see these compliance rates, ensure their employees are staying up to date and safe, and have the data ready for regulatory inspections.”

The new dashboard provides snapshots of employee and administrator activity in the system with additional reports to delve into the data with more detail. Some reports are updated weekly, others are updated with a push of a button, providing real-time updates into compliance and site activity. Administrators will have quick access to view the completion rate numbers, percentages of individual employees or groups, such as specific departments or types of workers. The data will show in both table and visual formats members of each training group who are current, in progress or delinquent. This data can be broken down by training requirement type as well as individual employees.

For customers using both SDS management and learning management products, the dashboard includes SDS reporting with metrics such as age of sheets, active sheets by location and overview of access.

Reports, graphs and charts can be exported in multiple formats; images, PDFs or CSV files that can be easily manipulated and customized in Excel.

“We wanted to create an easy-to-understand dashboard with the right metrics and data visualizations to help our users better understand compliance tracking, and improve their safety and compliance processes,” says Mike Case, Senior Director of Product Strategy at HSI. “This initial release is just the start of what our customers and prospects can expect from BI-powered analytics within the LMS.”

The HSI SaaS LMS solution includes integrated SDS management to provide a full suite of compliance and safety tools for businesses. Web-based learning management means no software installation, and employees can access what they need from anywhere, anytime on any device. Replace cumbersome tracking spreadsheets and sign-in sheets with helpful dashboard graphs, out-of-the box reporting and auto-reminders. With hundreds of courses on topics of compliance, safety and employee development, the HSI LMS is ready to use with minimal set-up and employee training time. HSI helps safety officers, company managers and others to easily manage and track employee training and compliance.

About HSI

HSI is a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and workforce development software, training, and compliance solutions. HSI offers an all-in-one compliance software platform, safety management and compliance training, management and employee development training, and emergency care and CPR training for businesses of all sizes. Their content solutions and technology platform enable safety, HR and operations managers to train employees on necessary workforce skills, keep workers safe and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements. HSI is majority-owned by Waud Capital Partners, a leading growth-oriented private equity firm with total capital commitments of approximately $3.0 billion. For more information, visit www.hsi.com.

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