HSI Releases Vaccination and Test Results Tracking Solution for Safety and HR Leaders

HSI Releases Vaccination and Test Results Tracking Solution for Safety and HR Leaders

VaxSafe helps employers manage risk, minimize operational disruption, and maintain business continuity, leading to a healthier, safer workforce.

HSI, a leader in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and workforce development software, training, and compliance solutions, today announced the immediate availability of VaxSafe, a new COVID-19 vaccination and virus test results tracking solution via the HSI Safety Management System (SMS). An out-of-the-box solution, the vaccination management system can be deployed within two weeks to meet employer demands.

In addition to COVID-19 vaccination and test results tracking, the new solution comes with Vaccination Policy builders to help employers build and maintain their vaccination plan for both employees and regulators. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently issued an emergency temporary standard (ETS) on vaccination tracking and testing, the goal of the vaccination management system is more about helping employers and employees maintain a healthy and safe workplace.

“This is a historic year in that OSHA issued two Emergency Temporary Standards, a move they have not made since the 1980s. But, regardless of regulations, HSI’s goal is to help create a safer work environment overall,” says HSI CEO Chad Birckelbaw. “There’s a business case for employers here. This is not about a vaccine mandate, it’s about maintaining and managing a healthy, stable workforce. We want to make sure our customers are able to manage risk, minimize operational disruption, and maintain business continuity.”

“The ability to build and deploy policies within the vaccination and virus testing management module helps ensure transparency between the employer and employee,” added Jill James, HSI Chief Safety Officer. “This can help secure an organization’s position as an employer of choice, and lets employees know their employer is doing all they can to provide a safe place of employment.”

HSI’s VaxSafe provides employers complete visibility into their workforces’ vaccination and testing status. Having oversight helps businesses boost workplace health and safety processes and helps employers better manage potential risks in productivity. VaxSafe is robust yet easy for both employers and employees to use, and includes features and functions such as:

The viability of the HSI VaxSafe solution that sets it apart from other vendors is the cloud-based, configurable nature of the underlying platform, which allows for a speedy implementation process. And with simple drag-and-drop elements, employers can easily add automated workflows, send alerts, and track results. HSI’s feature set also allows employers to expand into other areas such as workforce safety and compliance training, and document management, to help extend the culture of safety within any workplace.

“It was an easy and natural fit for us to extend our EHS platform to include a vaccination and testing management module,” says Jose Arcilla, Chief Operating Officer and head of the HSI product team. “The strength, speed, and flexibility of our platform underpins what we do to help keep employees safe. It’s what happens beyond the software that matters, and our entire suite of solutions is meant to foster a safe working environment, so employers can have a workforce that can show up to work and are healthy.”

The HSI SMS solution includes more than 30 management modules and integrated SDS management to provide a full suite of compliance and safety tools for businesses. Web-based learning management, with thousands of topics on compliance, safety and employee development, means no software installation, and employees can access what they need from anywhere, anytime, on any device. HSI helps safety officers, HR leaders, company managers, and others to easily manage, track, and improve employee safety across the organization. To find out more about VaxSafe, visit https://vaxsafe-na.donesafe.com/.

About HSI

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