AZ Electrical District 3 Employs Safety Management System

AZ Electrical District 3 Employs Safety Management System
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Pinal County Electrical District No. 3 (ED3), a utility in Maricopa, Arizona, includes two organizations – an electrical provider and the Maricopa Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District for agricultural irrigation.

At ED3, each department had their own way of reporting inspections, incidents, near misses, and observations in the field. Some departments were using paper forms, while others took freehand notes. No matter how the information was documented, it had to be transcribed into spreadsheets at the end of the day, a timeconsuming process that introduced another opportunity for data entry errors. In addition, transcribing all those notes caused delays in reporting safety incidents and requesting equipment maintenance.

After reviewing available platforms, ED3 was impressed with the range and scalability of the HSI SMS. It records safety incidents and observations for employees, while tracking inspections, maintenance requests, work orders, and job completion for equipment ranging from vehicles and lifts to substations and power poles.

In just the first year, ED3 found incredible efficiency from implementing the HSI SMS. Hundreds of person hours are saved per month, vehicles and equipment are back in the field quicker, and work order times have been cut in half.

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