BESIX Global Construction Firm Transforms EHS with Centralized Platform

BESIX Global Construction Firm Transforms EHS with Centralized Platform

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BESIX upgrades from disparate tracking systems to cohesive, centralized EHS platform.

Company: BESIX Group
23 EHSQ Applications
Construction, Property Management, Marine Works, and Concessions
Over 11,000 Employees
Worldwide, Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium

BESIX Group, a leading Belgian industrial group, operates on a global scale in the construction, property development, and concessions sectors. Managing their Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) processes using a variety of tools led to inefficiencies, data silos, and unreliable data transfer.

Key Points:

The company recognized the need for a centralized EHS system that could efficiently manage data from diverse projects, maintain data integrity, and ensure compliance with regional and legal requirements. A user-friendly solution that could accommodate the complexity and size of their projects was essential.

BESIX adopted HSI's platform to streamline their EHS and ESG processes. Known as OASIS, this system has rapidly become integral to their operations, with over 1,400 active users across multiple continents. OASIS offers 23 applications to address a range of EHS requirements, making it highly configurable and user-friendly.

The HSI platform enabled BESIX to standardize their processes globally, leading to increased incident and observation reporting. This unified data allows for better insights and improved safety practices. With streamlined reporting and data management, BESIX has gained a competitive edge in project bidding, thanks to their robust EHS management. BESIX's transition to HSI's unified EHS platform has greatly improved data reliability and reporting efficiency, enhancing safety and compliance across their diverse projects. This transformation has not only streamlined their operations but also positioned them for future growth and success.

“Now that we have this treasure trove of information from all our projects, we can process that data in real time, identify our problem areas, and pro-actively put our focus on the highest risks before incidents happen. The safety part has always played a role in winning bids. With HSI, we now have a tool that allows us to capture this data. Having this type of information will help us in the tender process around the world.”

— Pimmie Aendenboom, QHSE Manager for Business Unit International
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