Cogent Accomplishes Safety Goals with HSI

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The Challenge

Cogent is an employee-owned company that sells and services pumps and rotating equipment for water/wastewater, industrial, and rental applications. Before partnering with HSI, Cogent was burdened with manually tracking employee training requirements, often having to send reminders and increasing the chance of human tracking errors. This also occupied time that could otherwise be spent on other important HR responsibilities. “We also wanted a solution that would be easier to administer across our nationwide footprint,” said Ashley Jernigan, Human Resources Manager.

Improved Learning Culture

Before adding HSI content to their existing platform, training was seen as another burden for employees to endure – another box to check. Now, Ashley sees managers come to her asking if they can build specific training tracks into their system or use it in other ways to accomplish department goals. “We now have a course for each Safety Program so we can track when it is reviewed by employees. We also build in courses around our benefits, allowing spouses to watch the videos as well. It has expanded much farther than we thought it would,” said Ashley.

Regarding employee engagement, Cogent has seen a shift in the learning culture. Safety is now a top-of-mind topic. Ashley explained “Our employees like the length and engaging nature of the videos. They are not too long, yet they are long enough to teach them something. They are also not the cheesy training videos from the 80’s that we all love to hate.”

Up-to-Date Content

Safety training needs were the priority for Cogent. When considering training partners, a deciding factor for HSI was the consistency of updated safety content based on new regulations, software versions, and current events. Cogent trains 100% of their workforce on specific topics, including subset groups of employees that take part in additional training regarding safety issues and topics. “It took that element off our shoulders and gave me piece of mind knowing we would always have up-to-date content,” Ashley explained.

Training Aligned to Future Goals

At Cogent, one of our ongoing goals is to streamline and simplify as many installations as possible. “Integrating training into the existing Ascentis platform helped HR further this goal,” Ashley said. Using ej4 courses as a tool in the effort to focus on safety has brought them much closer to the goal of 0 workplace injuries.

The Result

Since integrating HSI courses into their training program, Cogent has seen an increase in employee training interest and engagement. The success of training on specific safety topics has led to managers requesting further content to accomplish their goals, resulting in a company culture that embraces safety as a priority.

Summary of Success

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