Complete Mechanical Services Dramatically Improves TRIR with EHS Solution and Safety Training

Complete Mechanical Services Dramatically Improves TRIR with EHS Solution and Safety Training

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“Being able to demonstrate your safety record to a customer is invaluable. We would not even be considered for some projects without the HSI system.”
- Nick Macke, Business Development Director

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As an industrial general contractor offering services for 3D plant design & layout, complete plant spec development, structural steel design and fabrication, and more, Complete Mechanical Services operates many job sites all over the country. Safety is a top priority for their clients, who have increased safety requirements for prequalification, bidding, and ongoing site safety during projects — a growing trend in the construction industry.

In 2019, CMS recognized the opportunity to revamp their employee training program. Their current system made it difficult to track training assignments, progress, and completions. The company needed a solution that would not only help track training statistics, it also needed to work well with their multi-generational workforce that is spread across the country.

In addition, many of their customers require documentation and safety history before even considering CMS as a vendor, including their Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR). CMS had historically handwritten jobsite incidents. Often, important safety indicators, like near miss reports, did not always get filed because of the cumbersome process of logging it on paper only to be typed up later and emailed to the safety manager.

CMS knew they had to move incidents, training, and other EHS procedures into the digital age. What they didn’t know was how transformative this would be for their business.

“We chose HSI because of how easy it is to use and to maneuver. If you can use an ATM, you can use the HSI platform. Other vendor platforms were very cumbersome and challenging, which would make it difficult for our employees to use effectively.”
- Matt Baldwin, Safety Director, Complete Mechanical Services
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