Fire Safety Toolkit

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Fire Safety Checklist
Used for safety auditing purposes, this checklist covers administrative best practices related to fire prevention and planning, important housekeeping items, life safety planning for emergency preparedness, and fire alarm response. Each question covers a technical aspect related to fire safety and organizational preparedness, yet are designed for environmental health & safety professionals, management staff, and employees alike.

Fire Safety Discussion Guide
Used for the purposes of live training, safety meetings, and toolbox-style talks, this brief, 3-question discussion guide covers the essential fire safety training topics: prevention, fire extinguisher use, and emergency exits. Each discussion topic is supported by talking points for audience engagement.

Fire Safety Course Summary
Companion asset to Emergency and Fire Safety Preparedness, this summary cover hazard recognition, factors contributing to fire development, components of sound fire prevention plans, and simple Do’s & Don’ts. The Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep (PASS) method of fire extinguisher use is also covered, along with fire alarm system elements and emergency exits.

Why it Matters
Each day, an average of 200 fires happen at work, according to OSHA. These fires injure over 5000 employees, and cost American employers over $2 Billion dollars each year.

These facts underscore the necessity of organizational readiness, emergency response, fire prevention and planning.

Don’t forget the training.

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