Harmon Inc Implements HSI's Single-Source Solution: EHS + LMS

Harmon Inc Implements HSI's Single-Source Solution: EHS + LMS

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Harmon Inc. is a prominent figure in the commercial construction glazing sector within the United States, boasting a vast presence with 17 strategically positioned locations and a robust workforce exceeding 1,000 skilled professionals.

Harmon found themselves grappling with an overwhelming influx of paperwork and an array of disconnected spreadsheets. This reliance on outdated data sources hindered their ability to proactively tackle emerging issues, leaving crucial problem areas unattended.

Recognizing the imperative need for transformation, Harmon embarked on a journey to enhance their safety protocols. This endeavor held the promise of not only cultivating a more secure work environment and safeguarding their valued workforce but also of fostering enhanced business continuity throughout all facets of their operations.

Harmon evaluated 27 different Environmental, Health, & Safety (EHS) Management Platforms and decided on HSI for our flexibility and breadth of solutions. The results of moving from paper to a digital EHS management platform, plus the rollout of HSI's online safety training speak for themselves:

Download the entire case study to learn how Harmon piloted and rolled out the new system and processes. Harmon walks through the keys to success, including how to get field employees engaged, how to employ a phased rollout, and how workflow automation helps.

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