Lock & Tag Toolkit

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According to OSHA, the failure to control hazardous energy accounts for nearly 10% of the serious accidents in many industries.

The following supplemental materials were created to support your Lockout/Tagout training program for control of hazardous energy, concurrent with OSHA standard 1910.47 – Control of Hazardous Energy (lockout/tagout).

Use this checklist to review lock and tag safety practices and requirements in your workplace. The checklist addresses both worker and supervisor responsibilities, and is formatted to capture supporting comments/details, dates, and initials. Questions on the checklist relate to both broader aspects of hazardous energy control programs and finer points of auditing and inspection.

Also included with this download is a course summary that covers worker designations & responsibilities, employer obligations, common sources of hazardous energy, and core concepts related to safe application of locks & tags.

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