OSHA's 300 Log - How to Make this Easier with a Safety Management System

Enjoy watching this webinar!

If you could use a deeper understanding on OSHA regulations, and how automating and digitizing OSHA logs can save you time, listen to the recorded webinar that took place on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Chief Safety Officer, Jill James, and Product Manager, Sara Pajda walked through the ins and outs of the forms and help-aids available to determine recordability, as well as how HSI’s SMS Incident Management module can make it more manageable. We covered:

The 300 log and the 300A form is the record of recordable injuries and illnesses that occur on the job, and contains the department and job of the worker, a description of the injury or illness, and the number of lost days or restricted days that occurred as a result of the injury or illness. All of this needs to be summarized on the 300A form and posted by February 1 and/or submitted to OSHA by March 2 - it's a lot! Find out how we can help.

If you're looking for some guidance on how to fill out and log forms, HSI offers the course, Work-Related Injury and Illness Recordkeeping (WRIIR). Try the course now.

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