OSHA COVID-19 ETS Organizational Self-Assessment Tool

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HSI created this organizational self-assessment tool in response to the Nov. 5, 2021, release of OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) 1910.501 related to COVID-19 testing, vaccine tracking, face coverings, reporting, and employee communication.

We want to help you, the employer, evaluate your company’s programs and policies to create a COVID-safe workplace and identify areas you may need to work on. If you’d like to review the text of the OSHA standard, HSI created a document of the standard that is easier to digest, click here to download.

Organizations may want or need to have policies regarding COVID vaccines, testing, and masking in order to address a variety of needs, in addition to the OSHA ETS, such as:

Download the assessment tool and OSHA COVID-19 ETS to make informed decisions about your workplace and ensure the safety of employees and customers.

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