Utility improves training program through progression planning

Utility improves training program through progression planning

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An ERCOT-based utility subscribed to the full HSI Industrial Skills library for their entire gas power plant fleet. HSI helped them identify and set up a new LMS to more efficiently assign and track the 500 plus courses in the HSI library. The utility planned to use the upgraded training to reinforce and improve worker skills and provide a clear career path. Unfortunately, the lack of an updated training plan hindered progress.

HSI worked with the utility to identify a strategy to develop training plans for plant employee core skills, supporting the advisory board’s goal of building core competencies for each job role at the plants. An employee’s career path would determine which courses they would take.

HSI performed a job task analysis to determine tasks performed for each role. They then developed training outlines for each position. The project is now piloting with one plant. Once the pilot is complete, the program will expand to other plants.

HSI operates as utility employees when working on the program to ensure the client’s needs are met effectively and efficiently.

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