Active Shooter Training

TAC+PAC - $69.99


  • Quality weather-proof bag
  • Pressure and Packing Dressings
  • NAR Generation 7 CAT Tourniquet
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • EMT Shears
  • Emergency Blanket
  • CPR Barrier Mask
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TAC PAC bleeding control kit

Our TAC+PAC kit is specifically assembled for simplicity in the event of an emergency and has everything you need to control bleeding.

Specially put together for ease of use and simplicity during a medical emergency, the TAC PAC emergency kit has everything you need to control bleeding: packing and pressure dressings as well as a user-friendly tourniquet for more extreme cases. These items never expire, are allergen-free, and are included in a single sturdy and compact weather-proof pack, giving you a simple but critical life- saving tools that anybody can use. When it comes to an emergency, you do not have time to search for dressings, bandages, or other advanced equipment. You need these important medical supplies close at hand and ready to stop the bleed. The TAC PAC emergency kit is vital for first responders, outdoors enthusiasts, at-home use, and safety in the workplace.

Tac Pac Emergency Bleeding Control Kit

TAC+PAC Cabinet - $549.99


  • 6 TAC+PAC Units
  • Large wall cabinet
  • Alarm
  • Hardware to install
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TAC PAC - High-Quality Bleeding Control Kits
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