Asset Management

Asset management with complete visibility and control

Leverage modern online technology to rapidly access vital asset data and actions for all your onsite and remote teams. The HSI asset management solution provides a complete register of key assets within an organization from vehicles, PPE, heavy equipment, and more. Monitor conditions and scheduling of inspections and maintenance from visual dashboards.

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Total clarity with a consolidated solution

Get faster access to vital asset information. Consolidate a sea of data and knowledge into a single asset management platform that is available on any device. Quickly access asset history, warranty information, user manuals, photos, etc. delivering a full lifecycle view.

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Simplify pre-start checks

Leverage smart forms to quickly configure pre-start inspections for any machinery or equipment to record condition and assess safety. By staying up-to-date on the conditions of your equipment, you can avoid accidents that are both costly and dangerous to your employees.

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"I really love how dynamic the software is. It's easy to keep track of all my students, courses and even manage reports including purchasing additional credits. I also really like that HSI continues to provide updates and improvements to their software. It's very much so a "point and click" system with easy navigation."

Kiara W.

LBA University Manager

Kiara W. "Awesome Software"

Increase productivity

Eliminate productivity killers with intuitive and fast to learn software. HSI reduces data entry by pre-populating known information.

Team-specific access to data

Role-based access allows your team to only interact with relevant data and features - protecting data, improving accountability and increasing efficiency.

Leverage real-time data

Leverage real-time data and streamlined workflows to enforce compliance, improve data integrity, and eliminate time consuming admin tasks.

Reports & dashboards

Know exactly where you stand at a glance. Access all upcoming scheduled maintenance, actions and trends of your asset operations on one HSI dashboard.

Access on any device

You don’t need to be at your desk to access information. Access anytime, from anywhere, on the smartphone, computer or tablet of your choice.

Real-time alerts and actions

With a couple of clicks the right people will get alerts and associated actions in real-time. Responding and resolving issues is faster than ever before.

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