Other CPR Training Manikins

Basic Buddy CPR Manikins

Basic Buddy CPR manikins are a durable manikin that includes a manufacturer 3-year warranty. The infant manikins are full body with arms and legs. The lungs rise & fall with breaths only if the airway is properly positioned.

Once initially assembled, there is little assembly before each course. They come out of the bag ready for lung bag insertion. The lung bags insert and remove in one step. There is no disassembly required for cleaning or storage.

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Basic Buddy Manikins

Simulaids Manikins

These economical CPR manikins are constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam. Features include: long torso for realistic abdominal thrusts, realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening airway, and anatomical landmarks including sternum and ribcage. Airway can be easily manipulated to simulate airway obstruction or choking situations.

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Simulaids cpr manikins

Laerdal Manikins

Getting and providing CPR feedback by just watching students perform can be a challenge for CPR instructors. Laerdal is proud to introduce the next generation of our Little Anne manikin, the Little Anne QCPR. The latest Little Anne includes QCPR measurement and feedback technology that takes the guesswork out of instruction, and it can all be done from the palm of your hand. Little Anne QCPR works with an instructor app that allows the instructor to monitor and coach up to six students at once, and a learner app that lets students monitor their own performance. Apps can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Laerdal Little Anne 4 pack
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