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How do I know if my student received their manikin and related hands-on skill components?

If you are using the HSI service for shipping manikins, your portal will contain notices of the shipping process. If there is a problem, your student will be instructed to contact HSI at RSVshippi[email protected] since we are responsible for delivery and acceptance.

What happens if my student says they did not receive their manikin? Will HSI ship a replacement?

If you select an RSV option with HSI sending a rental manikin, HSI will be responsible for any lost or missed shipments. The student will be instructed to contact HSI at [email protected] to help resolve any shipping issues.

Can I ship the manikin to myself?

No. The student enters the information for shipping during the scheduling process. If you would like to handle the shipping of the hands-on skills components, you will need to select the RSV option and not the HRSVM (loaner manikin) option.

How does my student return their rental manikin?

A return label is included with each rental manikin package. Once your RSV session is complete, ask your students to repackage the manikin and place the return label on the box (covering the existing label). This package can be dropped off at any FedEx store or FedEx affiliated ship center in the U.S. Search online for “FedEx Pickup near me” to find qualified locations.

Will I be able to return the manikin if my student decides to cancel their training?

If the student returns the manikin to HSI unopened and the student starts the course, the credit is used. If the student does not start the course, you can remove the student from the roster, and the credit will remain available to you.

Does HRSVM include international shipping?

Currently, the HRSVM option is only available within the United States.



How long does a remote, hands-on skills verification session take?

We have provided you, the TC, some flexibility to set-up your hands-on session availability in 30, 45, 60, 75- and 90-minute increments within the RSV scheduling module. Please note that if you run over the time scheduled it will not cut-off or end your current session but will delay the next session if you have back-to-back verifications scheduled. We suggest always leaving time between sessions or scheduling your availability longer than you anticipate just in case.

How long should a student wait to schedule the RSV session with an instructor after completing the cognitive portion online?

Students should complete the RSV session with an instructor within 30 days (60 days maximum) after completing the online cognitive portion of training.

Can I create an RSV session for just a specific customer or a group of people to select?

Yes. When entering your blended roster, make sure to select the box marked "RSV Private Class". Then when you are in the Remote Training Schedule, setting up session details like day, length of session and number or participants, you will also need to select the roster under the Class Assignment drop down menu to make this session visible and only available to that specific customer or group of students.

What happens if my student doesn’t show up for the scheduled RSV session?

They will need to reschedule a new session. As a TC, you can decide if there are specific penalties for missing a scheduled session.

What do I do If I need to reschedule an RSV session with my student?

Communicate with them via email or over the phone. The student can cancel and reschedule up to 24 hours before the skills class time (notification will be posted), however, to make sure the student knows you are unavailable, direct communication is recommended.

What if my student needs to reschedule?

Your student may reschedule and the Instructor will be notified each time. Rescheduling by the student is limited to 4 times per program.

Does the instructor get a notification email when a session is cancelled or rescheduled?

Yes, all notifications will be posted in the TC and Instructor platforms. If you want notifications by email, have the TC turn on the Daily Notice Email alerts, and all notifications will be included and sent in a nightly recap email.


Skills Verification

What equipment do I, as an Instructor, need to conduct the RSV session?

Along with a computer that has a webcam, you will need the same equipment you would need in a traditional class (i.e. manikin, AED trainer, gloves, etc.) to conduct instructor demonstrations for the appropriate skills for the course you are providing.

Can I evaluate more than one person at a time during the video-conference session?

Yes, RSV allows you to set up remote verification sessions that can have up to 3 students per session. When setting up your sessions, you can select the duration and up to how many students you will allow per session (1, 2 or 3).

What happens if my student doesn’t complete the online portion of the class prior to the RSV session?

As the TC or Instructor, you can monitor the blended course completion of your students. Any student that doesn’t complete the blended portion should be asked to reschedule and complete the blended portion before you continue with the skills session.

What will happen if I feel the student did not pass their skills verification? Do I give them the option to redo?

In the RSV session, Instructors should look for correct demonstration of skills and help the student improve their skills to the best of their ability. If a Performance Evaluation is needed to meet training requirements (i.e. BLS), Instructors should follow remediation recommendations found in the course Instructor Guide.

If you have a group or company to train, can the TC order 1 RSV-M set and have the group use the same manikin for each student after it is cleaned and sanitized?

Yes, you can send one HRSVM and have the others in the group use the manikin after they cleaned and prepped it between use. RSV Blended will need to be purchased for the rest of the students in the group, and it will be up to the TC to supply the extra lung bags, cleaning items and training kits.

If I set up a 3-student session and only 2 people sign up, will the session still take place?

Yes, you can set up sessions with the duration and up to the number of students you feel comfortable with. If you select a 3-person session for 60 minutes, the session will be available for up to 3 students to select this time. A 2-student session will only have up to 2 spots available to fill. To optimize filling your time slots up to the capacity you select, make sure to regularly check the Scheduling overview chart on the Remote Training Schedule module. Here you can see how many unscheduled students you have compared to available time slots and can adjust accordingly.


Technology & Set Up

My computer won’t launch the video-conferencing tool, what do I do?

Please be sure that your system meets the following requirements. The Remote Training Session must be launched on a suitable a webcam enabled device. You must also have a stable internet connection capable of at least 3.2Mb/s outbound and inbound, plus the following:

Operating System

• Windows: Windows 7 and later

• Mac: MacOS 10.10 and later

Web Browser (Latest Version)

• Chrome

• Firefox

• Microsoft Edge

• Safari

Is HSI working with ZOOM or GoToMeeting? If so, will there be a subscription discount offered by HSI for TCs to use one of these platforms for RSV?

No, we are using a 3rd party tool that is integrated into your portal. One of the benefits for our TCs is that there are no subscription costs.

Can my student use a smartphone for the hands-on skill session?

Preferably, the student will use a computer (desktop, tablet, or laptop) with a webcam. However, students may use a smart phone with a camera.

As an Instructor, can I use a smartphone?

To ensure the best experience for the student and for a quality session, the Instructor will need to use a desktop, tablet, or laptop to conduct the hands-on skills verification session with your student.

Since RSV is web-based can both Instructors and students use mobile devices?

RSV is designed for the student to use almost any modern device. However, for the best experience and viewing, we recommend that the Instructor use a tablet or larger device.



Is RSV available for all HSI programs?

RSV is available for all HSI programs up to BLS that have been available previously in Blended Learning. Your online training portal displays all of the RSV program offerings.

How much does RSV cost?

For a list of RSV options by course and pricing please login into your training portal to see the most current offerings.

Are any of the RSV programs available in Spanish?

Yes, please check the RSV Price list within your portal for all available courses including those offered in Spanish.

Is there an RSV option without the blended module for Renewal or Challenge classes?

We do not have a Challenge course option that can be used with RSV.


Materials Included

Does the price for option HRSVM include shipping, equipment, the online course, and the student certification card?

All the RSV options include everything on a per student/credit rate. RSV includes the blended course, digital certification card (like normal blended options) plus access to a single RSV video session. HRSVM includes RSV options along with a loaner manikin, student supplies, and shipping to and from the student.

Do you include an Epinephrine Auto-Injector for the First Aid section?

In HSI’s Basic First Aid course, administration of an Epinephrine Auto-Injector is a required hands-on skill, and an Epinephrine Auto-Injector trainer is included with the RSV options that include student training materials.



I have already set up a Blended class. Is there a way to switch to a RSV class?

Unfortunately, we are not able to switch a Blended credit to an RSV credit.

If my student cancels the entire course, does my TC get a credit to reuse for the course?

The same policy for any digital blended course applies to RSV. If the student starts the course, the credit is used. If the student does not start the course, you can remove the student from the roster, and the credit will remain available to you.


Certification Cards

If I loan my equipment using the RSV option, does the student receive their digital certification card immediately, or can I send it after my equipment is returned?

As a TC, you can delay the creation of the digital certificate. At the end of the video session do not click the submit/approve button. Explain your return process to the student, and then click the X near the top-right corner of the video feed to end the session. After you are satisfied with the equipment return, go to the launch screen and click the submit/approve button. The digital certification card will then be delivered to the student.

Can the student receive a print certification card upon completion?

Only a digital certification card will be provided with RSV once completed. However, the student can print their digital certification card.

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