CPR Apps That Help Save Lives

CPR Apps That Help Save Lives

A combination of early CPR and early defibrillation with an AED gives the best chance of survival for cardiac arrest — and bystanders are the key to making these two critical actions happen. Fortunately, technology is helping to improve cardiac arrest outcomes by leveraging the power of bystander response times with the use of various CPR apps to help save lives.

Brain damage begins after four to six minutes without oxygen, and brain death may occur after 10 minutes. This means the faster someone starts compressions, the better chance for a positive outcome.

By using bystanders in the immediate vicinity, CPR apps allow those nearby to respond quickly while waiting for EMS to arrive and take over. Here are some CPR apps that can help save a life during an emergency by using bystanders that are willing to act and provide life-saving care.

PulsePoint Respond

The PulsePoint Respond app is a free app that empowers CPR and AED trained bystanders to provide life-saving care in their communities. Individuals register as a trained responder and are then notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may need CPR. PulsePoint is integrated with the local community emergency dispatch, allowing for immediate alerts to be sent out as soon as the 911 call is placed. Keep in mind that not all communities are connected to PulsePoint at this time, but more are being added every day.

PulsePoint also provides the location of the closest public access AED. For every minute that passes without an AED shock, the chance of survival decreases 7-10% — so knowing where to find one is crucial in an emergency. Registered users can help build the AED registry by reporting and updating AED locations when they are on the go. This information is then made available to anyone using PulsePoint, including emergency responders and local dispatchers that can direct callers to nearby AEDs. At this time, over 150,000 AEDs have been registered.

Other emergency care apps

There are many CPR, AED and First Aid apps available for your devices. Here are just a few emergency related apps that are available for download.

You may want to share information about CPR apps like PulsePoint with your students during class or even as part of your strategy to continue to provide value beyond the classroom.

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