Holiday Gift Guide for CPR Instructors

Holiday Gift Guide for CPR Instructors

Being a CPR Instructor is more than just a job — it’s a calling. Your commitment to educating others on lifesaving skills is an invaluable gift. But the holiday gifts you choose for family members, friends and students can further promote safety and preparedness. Use our holiday gift guide for CPR Instructors to help find the perfect gift that is both thoughtful and practical.

Stocking stuffers for all

Holiday stockings are a classic tradition, and this year, why not infuse them with a touch of lifesaving functionality? Here are some inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas for all ages:

These small but meaningful gifts reinforce the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

Practical gift ideas for young drivers

If you have a teenager or college student to shop for, an emergency kit makes for a great gift idea that might otherwise be overlooked by young minds. You can create a gift basket full of essential items including, but not limited to:

This thoughtful gift not only promotes safety on the road but also empowers young drivers to respond confidently in unexpected situations, including bad weather and car accidents.

Set new parents up for success

If you have expecting parents on your list, there’s plenty of baby essentials to shop for. But you have a unique opportunity to gift an infant CPR class, helping to ensure the new parents in your family feel prepared to respond effectively throughout each stage of their baby’s life.

Gift ideas for your Training Center

Showcase team unity by gifting branded merchandise to your Instructors, whether it’s an HSI polo or other products with your CPR business logo. Christmas ornaments, coffee cups, tumblers and shirts make wonderful gifts considering everyone loves a little free swag!

Don’t forget your students and clients

The holiday season provides a great opportunity to reconnect with your students and business clients. Send them a holiday card or a handwritten thank you card. Consider including a referral or discount code for CPR training to be used in 2024.

If their CPR certification will expire soon, be sure to mention taking a refresher course so it’s one less thing they have to worry about in the new year.

One-stop-shop for holiday shopping

Whether you’re shopping for your family or team, the HSI online store offers great value for gifts with a purpose. And if you have no idea what to get someone, remember that you always have being a CPR Instructor in your back pocket. Everyone can benefit from CPR, AED, and First Aid courses, so don’t be afraid to gift a free class to anyone on your “nice list”.

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