Emergency Use of Medical Oxygen 101

Why Do We Need Emergency Oxygen?

The air a person normally breathes contains approximately 21% oxygen. The concentration of oxygen delivered to a victim through rescue breathing is 16%. A condition known as hypoxia (insufficient oxygen to the body) can occur if a person goes without adequate oxygen for an extended period.

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When Should Emergency Oxygen Be Used?

You should provide medical oxygen to a victim having difficulty breathing if it is available and if you are trained to administer oxygen. Medical oxygen should be considered if the person is showing signs and symptoms of hypoxia or if a pulse oximeter reading is 94% or lower.

Never delay appropriate care for life-threatening conditions, such as CPR, AED, or control of severe bleeding to get, set up, or administer medical oxygen in an emergency.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypoxia

Never withhold medical oxygen in an emergency when a person has signs and symptoms of hypoxia, with or without a pulse oximeter.

Mild Hypoxia

Moderate Hypoxia

Severe Hypoxia

Tools for Emergency Oxygen

Oxygen Units

Oxygen Units

Oxygen Training Supplies

Oxygen Training Supplies

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Who Needs Emergency Oxygen Training?

The audience for Emergency Use of Medical Oxygen training is as varied as the audience for First Aid, CPR and AED training. Some of the common job titles who need training include:

Take an Emergency Oxygen Administration Class

HSI's Emergency Use of Medical Oxygen program is ideal for lay and professional rescuers and teaches how to administer oxygen during an emergency.

The administration of oxygen during an emergency may delay damage to vital organs. A student will learn:

  • When to use emergency oxygen and how it may help
  • Set up and delivery with various delivery devices
  • How to use oxygen during bag mask ventilation
  • The risks associated with use and storage
  • Safe storage and handling
  • How to use oxygen with advanced equipment
Take an Emergency Oxygen Administration Class
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