Career Planning Training Topics

Career Planning Training Topics

Recruiters and temp agencies assist your clients in their job search with these curated career planning training topics.

Schools, colleges, and universities support your students with courses to help them create a resume and cover letter, and search for an entry-level job.

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Short-Form Career Planning Content

Our Career Planning Library combines 15 job search courses with over 300 soft skills training courses from our Business Skills library. This library was created to help recruiting agencies, temp firms, and professional employer associations differentiate themselves from their competitors.

These courses have been selected to help the job seeker be more marketable and gain the confidence they need for a successful end to their search. Our career planning training videos can fill the gaps in their experience. Learners can gain the knowledge required in the job description.

The videos have been curated into bundles based on the job seeker’s search or career planning stage. All of the bundles include job search basics on writing your resume, cover letter, and thank you note, interview tips, understanding the offer, and more, along with soft skills for continued learning.

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Career Planning for Entry-Level Positions

We start from the beginning to help the job searcher find their first job with courses on business attire for men and women, business writing, and email etiquette. We have included soft skills that will help the new hire adjust to office life and the interpersonal dynamics. We cover topics like keeping your cool, office perceptions, collaboration, and accountability.

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Career Planning Entry Level

Topics in This Bundle Include:

Career Planning for Management and Supervisor Roles

This category was curated for people in supervisory positions and lower to middle management. They are more seasoned than the entry-level job searcher but can still benefit from additional training. We include related topics on managerial courage, DISC training, emotional intelligence, coaching skills, and more.

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Career Planning for Managers

Topics in This Bundle Include

Career Planning for Sales Positions

This category was designed to help anyone in a sales position from business development representatives to account managers to sales managers and directors. Your rookie and veteran job seekers will benefit from our courses that cover selling basics and the sales process, as well as making the sales call, selling relationships, sales management, and advanced selling skills.

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Career Planning Sales

Topics in This Bundle Include:

Career Planning for Administrative Roles

This category was created for anyone looking for an administrative assistant position. Our courses will be helpful for candidates newer to the support role and they can act as a refresher for a more experienced admin. Learn about administrative excellence with courses on making travel arrangements, acting as gatekeeper, filing systems, anticipating needs, and more.

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Career Planning Administrative

Topics in This Bundle Include:

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