Competency-Based Learning: Manages Ambiguity

Competency-Based Learning: Manages Ambiguity

Manages Ambiguity is one of the 38 Korn Ferry competencies that HSI maps our video-based learning to in order to help solve the learning needs of today’s workplace. Being able to manage ambiguity creates a culture where employees can shift gears comfortably and adapt in the ever-changing workplace.

Employees who can manage ambiguity know how to deal with the uncertainty of change and still be calm and productive. They can make decisions without knowing the big picture as they effectively take calculated risks. This enables employees to constructively face problems that do not have clear solutions or outcomes. They confidently tackle uncharted territories by seizing opportunities. Soft skills training in this competency helps employees develop skills such as stress-tolerance, problem-solving, critical thinking, and many more.

Competency Based Learning Manages Ambiguity HSI

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HSI’s Manages Ambiguity Learning Tracks

The following is a sampling of our video-based microlearning courses that support the Manages Ambiguity competency:

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