DISC Training Topics

DISC Training Topics

Learn all about the four DISC profiles (Dominance, Influence, Compliance, Steadiness) to better understand coworkers, direct reports, managers, and clients. Our training courses will explain the different DISC styles, how to sell to a particular DISC personality, and much more.

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DISC Training Topics HSI

DISC Training Courses

Everyone is different, which can make it difficult for us to interact with each other. What is it that makes people different? What is it about an irritating coworker that makes him or her irritating to you? By looking into DISC personality types, we can recognize our own tendencies, so that we can better recognize tendencies in others. Having this information will help you strengthen relationships and become a better employee, manager, friend, spouse, parent, etc. Our DISC training videos also break down how to sell to certain DISC styles, as well as how to lead them.

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Our DISC Training Topics:

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