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Browse the course lists in each of our eLearning libraries to see the extent of the topics we cover. Envision how you might curate a curriculum for any current or future need with our off-the-shelf content. Think about topics that might apply to onboarding, new manager training, team building, succession planning and more.

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Harassment, Sexual Harassment, HR Compliance

More Than Just Sexual Harassment these training videos can serve as the foundation of your HR compliance program. Topics include Harassment, Anti-Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and numerous state-specific compliance training courses.

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Software Skills Library HSI 2021 10 18 153010 kmxb

Business Skills

This versatile training library offers something for all employees and managers. Soft skills topics like communications, customer service, leadership, and professional productivity. Additional courses include safety, health and wellness, retail, and small business training.

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Business Skills Library HSI 2021 10 18 150558 ande

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Use our content to start a conversation in your workplace about anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion. Topics like unconscious bias, LGBTQ in the workplace, the power of inclusion, and diversity-focused recruitment will help you build a strong and safe culture.

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Diversity Equity Inclusion Library HSI 2021 10 18 150707 wxcr

Workplace Compliance

Many companies start with compliance when they are launching an employee training program. HSI offers a robust library of compliance training with courses like anti-harassment for everyone, workplace bullying, pregnancy discrimination, legally hiring and firing, and more.

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Workplace Compliance L Ibrary HSI 2021 10 18 150853 zkuo

Banking and Financial Skills

Train your bank employees and managers on the specialized topics in our banking skills library. Courses include bank secrecy basics, financial compliance, Right to Financial Privacy Act, RESPA, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, robbery training, cross-selling, handling customer complaints, and more.

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Banking L Ibrary HSI 2021 10 18 151320 xevo

Career Planning

This eLearning library was created for recruiting firms and temp agencies to train their clients for more immediate placement. Training is targeted to four groups of candidates: entry-level, managers, administrative, and sales.

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Career Planning L Ibrary HSI 2021 10 18 151122 zcgp

Direct Store Delivery

Train your direct store delivery team with skills to improve and grow customer relationships. Topics include merchandising, retailer profitability model, retail shelf space management, retail selling, and winning with Walmart.

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Direct Store Delivery Library HSI 2021 10 18 152047 tqlv

Financial Literacy

These courses were designed to provide learners with some basic life skills to improve their financial literacy. Our training videos go into the details behind checking and savings accounts, types of credit, and information on managing credit.

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Financial Literacy Library HSI 2021 10 18 151624 knzw
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