PWW Media HIPAA TV 2.0

Course overview

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) includes the Privacy Rule, which deals with the confidentiality of personal medical information. A part of that rule focuses on training:

Workforce Training and Management. Workforce members include employees, volunteers, trainees, and may also include other persons whose conduct is under the direct control of the entity (whether or not they are paid by the entity). A covered entity must train all workforce members on its privacy policies and procedures, as necessary and appropriate for them to carry out their functions. A covered entity must have and apply appropriate sanctions against workforce members who violate its privacy policies and procedures or the Privacy Rule.”

To ensure your team is up to date and in compliance in their training, 24-7 EMS has partnered with HIPAA compliance experts PWW Media to bring you an online version of PWW Media: HIPAA TV 2.0.

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This online course features real-life scenarios focused on the issues typically encountered by EMS personnel regarding patient privacy and the correct administration of health records.

The course meets HIPAA training requirements and covers communicating with law enforcement and the media, the use of mobile devices in the field, discovering cyberattacks, and more.

PWW Media provides a comprehensive suite of compliance training and products. They partner with premiere speakers and educators from Page, Wolfberg & Wirth to bring top-notch, timely education to the industry by hosting abc360 and the Executive Institute, the nation’s leading educational events for EMS professionals.

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