Live 48-Hour EMS Refresher

Course overview

You can now complete the live components of the National Registry EMT and AEMT recertification entirely online! This course covers the basics as well as more advanced topics to help you understand how the paramedics you work with make decisions.

The course consists of 24 two-hour modules that are available 7 days per week. All 24 modules are required, but you can complete them in any order you would like. After signing up, you can complete the course in as little as one week or take up to 2 years to finish it.


EMTs must complete a 24-hour refresher course (a max of 10 hours can be distributive) plus 48 hours of “other” continuing education (a maximum of 24 hours may be distributive).


An AEMT must complete a 36-hour refresher plus 36 hours of “other” continuing education. An AEMT can combine this class with 24 hours of additional continuing education and a CPR card in order to meet re-registration requirements.

This live course is accepted by the NREMT.


Individual Courses:

Each course offered in the 48-Hour Refresher Program are 2 hours in length and are available for individual purchase.

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