Hazard Management

Streamline your safety hazard management

Build your organization’s risk profile using HSI’s online safety hazard solution. Our solution guides workers through a proactive process that enables fast and easy data entry, continuous improvement and risk reduction in your organization.

Consolidates all your health and safety hazard process, including identification, assessment, control and review into a single streamlined system.

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Hazard Identification, Risk, Recognition & Management Software

Monitor hazards and conduct risk assessment

HSI’s hazard management software allows you to report, analyze and resolve safety hazards within your workplace. Using our configurable risk matrix, stakeholders across the entire organization can perform risk assessments based on the probability and severity of hazards.

As a safety professional, hazards can then be linked to safety activities such as inspections, incidents, and safety observation processes. With this consolidated view you can see how unresolved hazards may be affecting overall health and safety compliance.

Hazard management monitor

Make the entire workforce your eyes in the field

Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce your risk profile by getting all your stakeholders engaged in the hazard reporting process. HSI offers an easy to use online platform that encourages all workers to report and acknowledge risks in the workplace. All reported hazards create a foundation for resolutions and reduce the risk of injuries and incidents.

Hazard management workforce eyes

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"Easy to use, economical, reliable. Have been very satisfied with the entire service."

One consolidated platform

All-in-one platform to house all your hazard reporting across your organization. Inspect, log, report and resolve with real-time alerts for all workers and managers.

Add automations

Enhance productivity through automation. Assign follow up tasks related to safety hazards with automated alerts and notifications sent to workers and their supervisors for upcoming, pending and overdue tasks.

Process efficiency

Standardize the hazard process across your organization. Speed up the flow of data by removing multiple paper-based forms or online systems into one connected platform.

Communicate organization wide

Send and automate notifications to alert teams in real-time to identify hazards, corrective actions and to acknowledge, when necessary.

Multiple dashboards and reporting

Role and permission-based dashboards for quick and easy access to relevant information and forms. In-depth reporting to analyze organizational data whilst improving safety.

Works on any device

Access your safety platform, complete forms, resolve issues, alert workers and understand your organizational safety immediately from any device, at any time.

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