AVERT Stop the Bleeding Program | Darcy Leutzinger & Lindsay Gietzen

AVERT Stop the Bleeding Program | Darcy Leutzinger & Lindsay Gietzen

AVERT Takes the Principles of Run Hide Fight Training To The Next Level

Just as the threat of active violence has evolved over the years, so too has active violence emergency response training. During an interview with ASIS TV at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Expo in Orlando Florida, AVERT founders, Darcy Leutzinger and Lindsay Gietzen, Ph.D., discussed what went into the creation of the AVERT program.

Leaning on their experience in law enforcement, security, medicine, and education, Darcy and Lindsay set out to create an "amped up" version of the Run Hide Fight model. AVERT adds emergency stop the bleed techniques, teaching how to become an immediate responder to serious injuries. It also adapts to meet the specific challenges faced by companies and organizations to try and keep people safe.

"Companies realize they have to provide a safe environment for their team members to live and work in," said Darcy, describing why so many have chosen the AVERT program. He adds, "It builds confidence and it builds empowerment. This is the ultimate team-building activity." Which explains why it's popular throughout many industries and groups including schools, churches, healthcare, and retail.

What truly separates AVERT from Run Hide Fight training is the medical and educational components. As Lindsay explains, "we specifically designed the educational components of this program to be able to appeal to people at all different levels educationally and all different learning styles." This attention to not just the content of the training, but the style in which is presented, helps trainees to be receptive to learning, engage with the instructors, and recall their training months later.

If your organization or company is looking for a dynamic active shooter response and emergency bleeding control program, contact us to learn more about AVERT --- Active Violence Emergency Response Training today.

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