Celebrating National Thank You Note Day Throughout the Year

Celebrating National Thank You Note Day Throughout the Year

National Thank You Note Day is officially celebrated on December 26th, but don’t you think expressing written gratitude is a good habit anytime? I think the spirit of this day is focused on a handwritten note, but I would argue that a thank you email can be effective, especially in the workplace.

Taking the time to send a thoughtful thank you note is becoming a lost art in our world of texting and emojis. Sometimes the word “thanks” is shortened to “thx” in a text! We really don’t have enough time to type out the full “thank you”? Really? Thanking people for their gifts, hospitality, generosity, and time is a good habit to practice year-round.

Thank You Note Structure

Thank you notes can make someone’s day. They can also set you apart in the workplace or during the interview process. If you didn’t grow up writing thank you notes, the process may feel awkward. You can’t celebrate National Thank You Note Day if you don’t know how to write one! Let’s start with an outline for your thank you note.

How to Send a Thank You Note to Your Grandparents

If you are away at college and your grandma sends you $5, she will likely be thrilled to hear from you in any way! Even if you are in the same town as your grandparents, if they take the time to send you a card or give you a gift, a thank you note will always be much appreciated.

How to Write a Post-interview Thank You Note

In my recent experience with interviewing job candidates, I see the thank you email is fading into extinction. As an elder Gen X-er, I still place a lot of value on this effort. I think it is a clue into the person’s character and how they will treat their co-workers, clients, and vendors. I would venture to say that many candidates don’t take the time to send post-interview thank you note. So, if you do, and it is a good one, it will help you stand out.

Writing the thank you will be easier if you take notes during the interview process. Then you can customize each person’s note with details from each conversation and continue selling your skills. For example:

Thank you for your time today. I really enjoyed our conversation and learning more about [company name].

I appreciate your openness and honesty about your successes and the areas in which you would like to improve. I believe my experience in [customize] could be useful [more customized details I forgot to mention in the interview]

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I'm very interested in this position and welcome the opportunity to meet other members of the team.

How to Write a Sales Thank You Note

There are multiple times throughout the selling stages where a thank you note can be a helpful tool as you build a relationship with a prospect. In most cases I would expect an email in the same day or within 24 hours. On the other hand, I receive very little mail other than industry magazines. A sales person could really stand out with a handwritten note.

Celebrate National Thank You Note Day Year Round!

You know how nice it feels when someone says thank you via text or in person. A hand-written thank you note is even better. Every day you get your mail and it’s filled with junk mail and catalogs. You know the feeling when you see a handwritten envelope. Share that feeling with some gratitude!

Writing thank you notes and creating a culture of gratitude are a few of the topics we include in our library of off-the-shelf training you can offer to your employees.

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