Easy Ways to Say Thanks to Employees

Easy Ways to Say Thanks to Employees

Some old school cynics may argue that you get paid to do your job. Salary, benefits, etc. 9-5 get your work done. No “thanks” necessary. I believe in showing employees appreciation and saying thank you. From a civility and common courtesy perspective and for motivation to do their best.

In many cases, we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family. The “daily grind” can be exhausting and difficult. Having a culture where employees are appreciated can help employees through challenging times. It is important for HSI and important for all of our clients. I think that is one reason why they invest in training.

We all handle a wide spectrum of work that covers small daily tasks, bigger projects, and efforts that go above and beyond. The methods of appreciation and thanks run across a spectrum as well. Some require a budget. Others just require thought and effort.

Office Environment

Let’s start with the day-to-day. The environment in your office surrounds employees every day. It’s constant. It is there when you are not. It sends a message from day one for a new hire and day 3,650 for your veterans. Small gestures are meaningful and show gratitude.

At HSI, we need to be creative on a daily basis. We want our employees to feel appreciated so they can produce the most creative and engaging training solutions in the industry. Maybe a handful of chocolate covered almonds can help get them through an afternoon writer's block or design slump. Other ideas include:


Outside of formal recognition programs with certificates and awards, what can you do to thank individual employees for excellent work on daily tasks and big projects?

Going Above and Beyond

We all know in most companies it takes more than 40 hours a week to get things done. We need employees to go above and beyond sometimes. Not everyone will and that is ok. Think of the bell curve with your A, B, and C players. When someone does give you that discretionary effort, you have to say a larger thank you. I've seen things like this:

Larger gestures of thanks:

No Budget for "Thank You's"?

In my career, I have worked for several companies whose business went through very dark times. We’ve all been there. Declining revenue, budgets being slashed, and lay-offs pending. You still need employees to give 110% to have any chance at turning things around. Employees can sense the stress of management. They notice when groups of lawyers start showing up. They can get distracted and disheartened. So, how do you show appreciation and say thank you in this environment?

A few more involved ideas

All of these examples came from my colleagues and I. They are real-life examples of us, as managers, spending our own time and money to make our teams feel appreciated and thanked.

I think the message here is that a thank you does not have to be extravagant to be meaningful. It just has to be genuine. Silly putty or a glow stick from a dollar store can bring a little joy and show appreciation. And so can a smile and two simple words: "thank you."

Related Training

HSI offers a variety of training videos related to the suggestions in this blog. They are from our Business Skills Library. Calling out these courses for your employees can show care, concern, and gratitude, especially when the more elaborate ideas really aren't an option for you.

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