Fun fact: SCORM was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense.

SCORM is a format for content delivered and consumed in web-based environments, a set of experiential guidelines.

More technically...

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a set of technical specifications for eLearning, dictating compatibility with Learning Management Systems and standardization in the eLearning marketplace.

To say that a course is SCORM compatible is to say that it is available in a standard format for deployment with most modern Learning Management Systems (note: there are different versions of SCORM dating back nearly 20 years).

For many of our customers, this is an important consideration for safety training and compliance courses. As organizations continue making the training technology leap, many are now working with LMS providers (there are a lot of them out there nowadays) to bring systems forward. For organizations in need of a Learning Management System, SCORM compatibility was once key evaluative criteria, thanks to the flexibility it offers for content acquisition. Today, that’s less true—most LMSs in the marketplace can deliver SCORM content.

So much of our course collection is SCORM and AICC compatible, meaning you can plug any single one of our training courses into your LMS and deliver it to your workforce quickly. Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) is another set of technical standards, similar to SCORM, that we support.

The best part? It is incredibly simple. This is how it works for you, in three steps:

  1. We’ll send you a test course to upload to your LMS.
  2. We’ll work out any complications together so the course is running properly.
  3. We’ll package up the rest of the courses in your order, making all content available to you via an File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site.

SCORM & AICC agreements usually require initial collaboration with your team, but move quickly with the right answers. After you purchase safety and compliance training content, we “wrap” your request, meaning we account for any specific requirements for how content should function in your environment based on your preferences.

For testing, we typically start with a single course from your order by transmitting the file via the FTP site that we host. Test the course by uploading into your LMS and taking it as an employee would. Feedback on the test performance then informs any changes to ‘the wrap’, to dial in your desired learning experience. After tweaks, we’ll send the new file(s) to you for testing and await feedback; if successful, we wrap each course on your order the same way.

For most of our customers, SCORM implementations are automatic imports into the LMS that typically do not require any manual effort. The course content files are automatically unzipped, installed in your Learning Management System content location, and the LMS course settings are automatically generated by default:

We update courses regularly, with a refresh rate of 47% for core compliance content (97 New & Updated Courses in 2018). For SCORM customers, we send you course updates and you decide when you want to implement the update and reimport the course into your LMS.

Our team has successfully orchestrated SCORM & AICC training for too many LMSs and customers to list, working with client-side information technology (IT) teams to deliver the best online safety and compliance training to hundreds of thousands of employees across the country.

Like the workday, life is just too short for boring training experiences, and safety is too important.

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