Meet the Evolution of Safety: Pillar

Meet the Evolution of Safety: Pillar

Safety is broken. Everyone knows this.

Old-school safety isn't getting it done, yet safety remains undervalued for far too many organizations.

This failure to invest in the workforce has a chilling effect on culture.

Every company needs a smarter, more effective way to manage safety and compliance that makes sense for business leaders, employees, the whole operation.

That's Pillar. Pillar is professional safety online, a unified series of safety applications.

Pillar is simple. Log in, do more safety. It is home for daily safety management.

Pillar changes how safety people work, by growing command and ownership of a tough, mission-critical job, covering needs shared by all organizations, training content, automation and compliance.

Pillar ties together the most challenging parts of your safety program.

Greater than the sum of its parts, Pillar offers the supreme utility of integrated safety tools with the simplicity of online access, delivering a radical value that's truly disruptive, the first enterprise-level safety platform affordable for all organizations.

Bring your people together around safety with Pillar, transformative technology that improves the safety experience for everyone.

Learn more about safety training online.

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