OSHA Recommends Water, Rest and Shade for Outdoor Workers

OSHA Recommends Water, Rest and Shade for Outdoor Workers

For those who work outdoors, the next several months can be a difficult time of year as the weather heats up around the U.S. OSHA’s annual “Water. Rest. Shade.” campaign offers suggestions and resources to help employers and workers keep it cool on their jobsites.

At OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention webpage, the administration explains that:

“Every year, dozens of workers die and thousands more become ill while working in extreme heat or humid conditions. More than 40 percent of heat-related worker deaths occur in the construction industry, but workers in every field are susceptible. There are a range of heat illnesses and they can affect anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.”

Employers have a responsibility to provide safe working conditions, and OSHA recommends a number of preventative measures and best practices to help avoid heat-related illness and injury:

Summit Training Sources offers a thorough review of these important topics in our heat stress course:

Heat Stress: Preventative Measures
This course teaches those working in or around hot environments techniques to beat the heat and avoid the potential dangers of heat-related illness. Topics include:

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