Provider Review: PureSafety (Underwriter’s Laboratory) aka UL Workplace Health And Safety

Provider Review: PureSafety (Underwriter’s Laboratory) aka UL Workplace Health And Safety

Safety training online is a competitive industry, full of provider options. To help you make a smart purchase, HSI does the diligence on quality, cost, and ease of implementation, offering an unbiased overview of some the industry’s more popular vendors.

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“UL EHS Sustainability (‘UL EHSS’) is a division of Underwriters Laboratories (‘UL’), the premier global independent safety science company that has championed progress for 120 years. UL EHS Sustainability empowers organizations to protect the well-being of workers, reduce risk, improve productivity, enhance compliance, and drive measurable business improvement through its EHS, occupational health, environmental, supply chain, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility platforms. More than 2,000 organizations in over 20 major industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and construction & energy, trust UL’s tools to meet their expanding needs.”

“Originally known as PureSafety and more recently as UL Workplace Health & Safety, UL EHS Sustainability has been delivering safety training options and employee health management solutions since 1999. In 2016, the company acquired cr360, a market leader in environment, health and safety management, and sustainability software. cr360 provides companies with a 360-degree view of EHS, Compliance, Energy and Carbon, Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain information. Its integrated software solution empowers companies to accurately capture, manage, and report the sustainability and EHS information needed to drive performance across all business areas.”


Broad. Course development is driven by and highly specific to international industry regulations across business learning categories (Example? Massachusetts Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Manufacturer Code of Conduct).

Also, OSHA 10 & 30 Hour training is a serious business focus; PureSafety promotes these courses as “OSHA-authorized”; OSHA cards are delivered by mail.

PureSafety has plenty of Human Resources learning & development courses (the soft skills), along with a dedicated course suite for Occupational Medicine.

Cost: $$$

Prices vary by course and are based on length of training (concentration of content) but the baseline dollar figure for much of the Online Safety Training library is $24.95.

PureSafety prominently notes that volume discounts are available on request.


800+ Online & Offline

PureSafety has a course for everything, including many that support specific IACET Continuing Education Requirements, such as “Firefighter Safety Photovoltaic Systems”. The volume of courses offered (“800+”) is somewhat skewed by counting a course twice if it’s offered in Spanish or is available in a “PC Only” format. Also skewing the number is that PureSafety partners with Mastery on many courses, expanding the course library it offers. That said, there are a truly staggering number of course options; if you need a course covering “Clinical Trial Regulation in China”, for example, or “Changing Lanes Light Commercial Spanish PC Only”, PureSafety has one.

Course Content: For UL Workplace Health And Safety, knowledge accuracy is high—technical expertise is readily apparent. The overall degree of interactivity for Online Safety Training and production value using mostly static imagery suggest a rating of average, or standard for the industry. Elements of storytelling, motions graphics, and animation, need supporting examples.


English, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian.

Training Management Options:

PureSafety, or UL Workplace Health And Safety (same thing) offer several ‘tracking & delivery’ options for safety and compliance programs.

In order:

PureSafety® Safety Management System

PureSafety® Online Safety Training

Course Licensing

Miscellaneous Features:

Mobile: No. At time of review, PureSafety’s courseware or eLearning modules are not compatible with common mobile devices such as iPads or Android Tablets.

Custom Course Development: Yes.


While PureSafety has a broad course offering and offers multiple languages, it’s extremely time and labor intensive to manage an immense library for both regulatory updates and quality improvement to courses.

However, PureSafety does provide a strong Learning Management System (LMS) platform, equipped with numerous optional functions—there is a high degree of utility available to those Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) professionals looking for increased administrative tools. For a price, you can acquire an LMS that will pretty much do whatever you ask it to beyond normal safety training administration.

Course customization, as well as configurability of the Learning Management System (LMS), are strengths of this large provider.

A division of goliath legacy brand Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), and one of the best known online safety training companies, PureSafety or UL Workplace Health And Safety, it’s unsurprising that PureSafety has, essentially, a course for everything. PureSafety is willing to work with customers by offering endless options for customization and configurability.

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