Q & A: Building Confined Spaces

Q & A: Building Confined Spaces

Question: “Confined space: working in construction, when does the space your are building become a confined space? It starts out fine but the finished product is a confined space.”

Answer: There’s gotta be a ‘know-it-when-you-see-it’ factor here, right? Two things to consider in relation to the updated Confined Space Construction Rule:

  1. A “competent person” at work sites identifies confined spaces—you or one of your foreman, likely, make the call based on this interpretation and…
  2. OSHA’s definition: “A confined space has; limited means of entry and/or exit, is large enough for a worker to enter it, and is not intended for regular/continuous occupancy. Examples may include sewers, pits, crawl spaces, attics, boilers, and many more.”

So, that’s both who and what they’re looking for, concerning confined spaces under construction.

Everything you need to know is found right here: https://www.osha.gov/confinedspaces/faq.html

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