Q & A: Occupational Injury Reporting & Inspection Recording

Q & A: Occupational Injury Reporting & Inspection Recording

Question #1: 1 Can you record questions and answers of the inspection?

Answer #1: Yes and no. There’s nothing in statute banning employers from recording the inspection process, with one notable exception: one-on-one interviews with employees are private, but those interviews are voluntary, and your employees have the right to refuse.

Here’s a copy of Employer’s Right & Responsibilities Following an OSHA Inspection to learn more, and if you really want to a peek behind the scenes of an inspection check out the Occupation Safety & Health Officer’s Field Manual.

Question #2: Will emergency rooms report work injuries to OSHA?

Answer #2: No. The responsibility to report hospitalization rests with you, the employer, and certain emergency room visits are mandatory. Hospitals do record all hospitalizations, however, and OSHA can subpoena that information. To learn more than you ever wanted to know about the new injury and reporting rules, including ER visits and hospitalizations, go here.

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