Seize the Season of Safety

Seize the Season of Safety

My neighbor told me she and her dog have been watching a chipmunk-scurry from one neighbor’s bird feeder, across her yard, and into mine, where the chipmunk has taken-up residence in a tiny opening in my landscaping.

The chipmunk’s cheeks bulge with bird seed each trip across the yards.

The neighbor’s dog, along with my cat, are both entertained watching the chipmunk from their window perches, getting ready for winter survival.

Regardless of your climate, fall brings about change, another season upon us.

Whether the start of the school year, or the leaves turning from green-to-red-to-yellow, with shifting temperatures bringing on rain. . . or maybe you’re embracing the whole pumpkin-spice craze impacting pretty much every consumable!

You know there’s a shift underway. So what are you doing to prepare for or embrace the season?

As safety professionals, we have an opportunity to leverage seasonal change for our employees and ourselves, professionally.

What are your plans this fall?

Perhaps consider launching some of these initiatives for your employees:

How about you, safety professional? What seeds are you storing up for the season? How can you focus on a completing a goal or energizing yourself professionally?

Feel free to use any of these ‘seeds’!

Happy Fall to you all!

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