The Journey: What We Do

The Journey: What We Do

HSI offers online safety training for a safer, smarter workforce.

Our courses can help you reach compliance in 20-minutes, reducing your time in training while quickly covering requirements.

Is the training any good?

Each course hooks the audience with a relevant story, uses interactive exercises throughout, and incorporates concepts of adult learning theory to engage employees and increase knowledge retention—you couldn’t build this experience on your own.

How is the training delivered?

Courses are delivered by our Safety Training System (LMS), cloud software that you do not have to download or install.

Designed for simplicity, the Safety Training System (LMS) tracks all of your compliance training activity and gives you control over the entire experience.

Here are the highlights…

Tracking & Reporting

Track training in real-time, while keeping your employees aware of their progress.

Measure success and improvement with testing and custom reporting.


Automate reminders and tasks so you are always on top of the training schedule, with email notifications and training reminders for your workforce.

Support Live Training

Track live events like safety meetings, toolbox talks, hands-on instruction, and classroom sessions.


Combine training activities into one training regimen and deliver certificates of completion, all while tracking the time-in-training.

Upload Your Own Content

Have existing safety training assets you want to use? Policies to attach? Special equipment instructions? There’s a place for that material in the system. Upload PDF’s, videos, PowerPoint decks, etc. and attach with specific courses for assignment.

There are a lot reasons to move your safety training program online, but the money we save for customers is why over 90% return each year.

Safety is a resource you can manage. This is simply a better tool.

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