Why we’re not the cheapest...

Why we’re not the cheapest...

The answer is really simple—we have the best safety training content in the online safety training game.

Please, demo our competitors’ products before taking that statement as fact.

We’re more than comfortable with that.

The reason we have the best safety training content is because we’re invested in creating a better, more effective product, and making good on our organizational mission of ‘helping to save lives in high-risk work environments’. It’s really a classic ‘quality over quantity’ success strategy, and that’s never been a decision we’ve struggled with.

Our customers come to us when they…

Yet…we’re not a great fit for everybody, and there’s no shame in admitting that.

In fact, we’ve found that a little under half of the potential customers that make an inquiry about our online safety training products would realize a return on invest enough to justify purchasing our products, even though each and every one would benefit from a substantial improvement in the total training experience.

But if getting a handle of your workforce training program sounds like something you need help with, let’s talk.

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