HSI Donesafe Releases Digital Touchless Visitor Registration App

HSI Donesafe Releases Digital Touchless Visitor Registration App

HSI, a leader in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and workforce development software, training, and compliance solutions, today announced the release of a new Visitor Registration application, powered by HSI’s Donesafe platform, designed to provide a safer, more secure, and more effective system for logging and keeping track of visitors to any work site.

Regardless of whether your workforce never left or is returning in-person, employers and building managers have an increased need to safely and securely understand the visitors to their workplace. With the HSI Visitor Registration application – a touchless and secure system – employers can manage on-site visitors safely, from the moment they arrive to the time they leave. The solution combines HSI’s end-to-end safety and compliance system with a touchless, app-based kiosk that can be placed anywhere on the job site.

This solution allows your site visitors to sign in at your company-branded sign-in station by scanning a QR code and completing the registration on their own device using their existing browser – no other apps required. The QR code systematically regenerates over short periods of time for increased security and tighter time tracking of visitors.

“Every employer knows that being able to log visitors in and out of any work site is important for a number of reasons, be it security, compliance and regulatory rules, or simple job site recording,” says HSI CEO Chad Birckelbaw. “And paper forms or outdated systems just don’t cut it anymore, especially when systems now need to be touch-free, not just for a pandemic, but to help reduce the spread of any illness in areas where both personnel and guests may gather.”

When the user scans the QR code on the sign-in kiosk, requiring no contact with the kiosk itself, they sign in and receive a digital entry pass they can carry on their own device. The kiosk allows many visitors to sign in at the same time, speeding the process for all visitors. The employer also has the option to print visitor passes. When the visitor is ready to leave they simply walk up and scan the kiosk again or tap sign out on their digital entry pass on their way out the door.

“This new application increases speed, compliance, and security at any job site. It allows site managers full remote access to monitor or manage visitor terminals. Built in alerts notify employees when their visitors arrive. Visitor details are stored in a secure online portal,” says Matt Browne, head of HSI Donesafe in Australia. “Our goal is to produce easy-to-use, robust apps that meet and exceed our user’s needs, and improve their safety, compliance and security processes.”

The visitor app is fully integrated with an already existing, end-to-end safety and compliance platform. Employers can configure the kiosk layout design to include company logos and colors while also tailoring to their unique business use cases. Photos of visitors can be taken on entry and linked to both the entry pass and the unique QR scanned upon entry or exit.

Additionally, the system is integrated with HSI’s existing reporting tools, allowing employers to gain complete clarity of who is on-site or in the building, with a real-time visitor dashboard and the ability to view historical reports. While the touchless version is ideal for speed and security reasons, at job sites where visitors may not be able to use their own device, employers can also set up the visitor kiosk to work in a more traditional, touch-based manner.

The entire system is SaaS-based and ready to be rolled out at any work site immediately. The HSI Donesafe no-code platform allows you to imagine, create, and continuously improve your EHS and Safety Management Solutions, and install and manage more than 30 different modules, while boasting the leading range of core functionality upon which all modules and solutions are built. The Donesafe Connect visitor registration app is now available to employers on the Apple App Store.

About HSI

HSI is a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and workforce development software, training, and compliance solutions. HSI offers an all-in-one compliance software platform, safety management and compliance training, management and employee development training, and emergency care and CPR training for businesses of all sizes. Their content solutions and technology platform enable safety, HR and operations managers to train employees on necessary workforce skills, keep workers safe and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements. HSI is majority-owned by Waud Capital Partners, a leading growth-oriented private equity firm with total capital commitments of approximately $3.0 billion. For more information, visit hsi.com.

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