Visitor Management

HSI Visitor Management Solution

Mobile and kiosk-friendly, and the only Visitor Management solution that is fully integrated with our EHS platform.

Hero visitor management devices

The HSI Visitor Management module offers a seamless, end-to-end visitor registration and management solution for any organization:

The visitor app integrates seamlessly into the broader HSI platform, meaning you can customize dashboards to include visitor reporting among other key metrics. Key features include: time stamped entry logging, customizable forms and sophisticated reporting, to make oversight of visitors and contractors a breeze. Tracking and communicating with a broad range of visitors across a large enterprise business needn’t be a chore and the HSI platform offers you the flexibility to create a seamless first impression.

Hero visitor management app

The Visitor Management solution allows you to:

  • Log, manage and track all your on-site visitors and contractors with ease
  • Immediately communicate important updates such as hazards or emergencies to all site visitors
  • Rest easy knowing data and equipment is safe, with all visitors registered and identifiable
  • Protect your front desk staff with contactless sign-in
  • Reduce administration with repeat visitors already logged and automated notifications to those being visited

Swanson visitor management

Visitor Management Features:

  • Fully hands-free sign in and sign out using visitor’s personal device
  • Centrally log the arrival and departure of all site visitors (including contractors and partners) in the visitor register
  • Automated notifications to internal staff when a visitor has arrived for them
  • Immediate notifications to all visitors in the event of hazards or emergencies
  • Printing of visitor identification badges to be displayed during their visit (available with kiosk solution)
  • Customizable forms, acknowledgements and even videos to be completed by visitors when visiting a specific site
  • Automatic end-of-day sign out, and historical sign out when visiting multiple sites
  • Color, labelling and logo options available for kiosk presentation
  • Options to include simple testing for visitors to complete / pass prior to entry
  • Contractor management functionality integrates seamlessly into the HSI contractor module
  • Cloud-based sign in station management with remote activation and deactivation capabilities
  • Custom visitor reports to understand foot traffic, peak times, and at-risk entry points
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Additional benefits and enhanced functionality:

  • Customizable look-and-feel of kiosk
  • Photo capture and storage capabilities
  • Visitor filtering, permit and restriction tagging
  • Custom entry questions and video content inclusions
  • Custom and emergency SMS to both active and timeframe visitors
  • Fully integrated with HSI EHS platform, reporting and dashboarding
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Use CasesFlowBenefits
  • Visiting someone at a building
  • Signing into a work site (staff or contractor)
  • Identify self (find existing with email / phone OR create new visitor
  • Choose visitee by name (visitor notified optional)
  • Take photo (optional)
  • Receive digital or physical entry pass (physical optional)
  • Out-of-the-box solution – quick set-up
  • Fits most standard entry scenarios
  • Ideal for unmanned kiosks
  • Entryway sign in for event attendance
  • Capture of attendee information
  • Identify self (find existing with email / phone OR create new visitor)
  • Take photo (optional)
  • Receive digital or physical entry pass (physical optional)
  • Simple set-up – near out-of-the-box solution – just disable visitee feature
  • Ideal for unmanned kiosks at event venues
  • Policy acknowledgements
  • Basic questionnaires (eg. Covid check)
  • Entry walkthrough
  • Complete entry form (either generic to all entry points, or specific to that kiosk)
  • Receive digital or physical entry pass (physical optional)
  • Straightforward set-up with some configuration and maintenance
  • Plugs into any entry scenario
  • Has simple to advanced set-up options to isolate information captured by kiosk

Contactless Sign In

Allow visitors to sign in using their personal smartphone. Contactless sign in doesn't require your guests to install a separate app and is a fully customizable, secure, no-touch option for any industry.

ID Badge Generation

Print ID badges to enable quick sign in/out of visitors or contractors to your worksite or external site.

Mobile App Ready

Use the included iPhone or iPad app to allow for quick registrations, to send alerts and to manage sign in terminals remotely.

Full Control of Sites

The workplace is changing with more sites than ever. HSI is here to help you manage that change. HSI enables remote terminal access and configuration so you don't need to ask on-site staff to do it for you.

Off Site Access

HSI works on any device. Contractors and visitors can be given access off site to complete all details like insurances, certificates, inductions for approval.

Easy to Use

Our software is quick to learn and jargon free. Quality audits and inspections can be completed by your team in minutes, allowing them to get back to work quicker.

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