Visitor Management

A visitor registration app integrated into the HSI workplace health and safety system

HSI offers an easy-to-use, integrated, and secure mobile app for visitor management. Take unrivaled control of your visitor sign-in and out management with an end-to-end cloud-based software solution. Ensure that all site visitors are logged, tracked, and provided with ID.

Hero visitor app

Power of Integration

Connect all your apps, people and processes together to form a connected solution. Use the HSI visitor registration app as a stand alone or harness the power of integration with the broader HSI safety management system.

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Manage Visitors Your Way

Adapt HSI's visitor registration app to work in line with your business preferences. In addition to digital badges, choose to print ID badges to enable quick sign in/out of visitors or contractors to your worksite or external site.

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Intuitive and Secure

HSI's visitor registration is a modern and intuitive app that any visitor or site manager can use. Remove any productivity barriers while ensuring your visitors details are stored in a secure online portal

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Gain Complete Clarity

HSI's visitor registration app gives you the confidence to act on or analyze visitor data. Gain complete clarity of who is on site or in the building, with a real-time visitor dashboard and the ability to view historical reports.

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Process Efficiency & Automation

Get productivity gains with a system that automates repetitive work so you can focus on high-level tasks. Increase efficiency by going paperless and streamlining the visitor registration process through automation.

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Instant Notifications

Quick, efficient and unobtrusive: It doesn’t matter if you’re in a meeting or on the phone, you’ll always know when your visitor has arrived and where they are.

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Contactless Sign In

Allow visitors to sign in using their personal smartphone. Contactless sign in doesn't require your guests to install a separate app and is a fully customizable, secure, no-touch option for any industry.

ID Badge Generation

Print ID badges to enable quick sign in/out of visitors or contractors to your worksite or external site.

Mobile App Ready

Use the included iPhone or iPad app to allow for quick registrations, to send alerts and to manage sign in terminals remotely.

Full Control of Sites

The workplace is changing with more sites than ever. HSI is here to help you manage that change. HSI enables remote terminal access and configuration so you don't need to ask on-site staff to do it for you.

Off Site Access

HSI works on any device. Contractors and visitors can be given access off site to complete all details like insurances, certificates, inductions for approval.

Easy to Use

Our software is quick to learn and jargon free. Quality audits and inspections can be completed by your team in minutes, allowing them to get back to work quicker.

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