HSI Launches EHS Essentials, EHS Software Developed to be Quick and Easy to Adopt

HSI Launches EHS Essentials, EHS Software Developed to be Quick and Easy to Adopt

HSI EHS Essentials is an out-of-the-box solution designed to help organizations set up and manage their incidents, audits, inspections, JSAs, OSHA logs, and more, in a digital, easy-to-use EHS platform

HSI, a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), compliance, and professional development training and software, announces the launch of its new EHS Essentials solution, designed to meet the growing demand for comprehensive, cost-effective EHS solutions.

The HSI EHS Essentials solution provides businesses with a comprehensive range of EHS management tools, including tracking injuries, illnesses, near misses, vehicle accidents, property or environmental damage, JSAs, safety observations, and more. Geared towards small and medium sized businesses, but relevant to companies of any size, the out-of-the-box nature of EHS Essentials is designed to help businesses move away from paper, clipboards, and spreadsheets to better comply with complex, ever-changing EHS regulations, while also improving their overall EHS performance.

"We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to managing environmental, health and safety risks," said Chad Birckelbaw, CEO of HSI. "That's why we developed EHS Essentials, a one-stop-shop for all of a company's EHS needs. With our comprehensive range of services and deep expertise in EHS solutions, training content, and chemical management, we can help businesses navigate the growing complexity of the world of EHS regulations and improve their overall performance quickly."

EHS Essentials offers a variety of benefits to meet the specific needs of each business, including:

According to the Verdantix 2022 global survey on EHS budgets, priorities and technology preferences, more than half of respondents consider EHS training to be a high priority over the next two years (https://www.verdantix.com/repo....) Organizations are looking to consolidate technologies and vendors for both cost savings and improved processes.

HSI makes it possible to engage frontline workers in health and safety learning and development initiatives as part of a comprehensive EHS program. HSI has one of the largest single-source training content libraries for workplace safety and professional development, with more than 4,000 courses and a team of experts to support businesses throughout their EHS journey. EHS Essentials affords companies the ability to bundle their needs for EHS systems, employee training and development, and SDS/chemical management in a single platform.

"We believe that every business has the right to a safe and healthy workplace, and the responsibility to protect their workers," said Jose Arcilla, President and COO of HSI. "Companies who have moved off their old paper and spreadsheet processes to a digital EHS platform have had a dramatic decrease in incidents at their work sites, as well as improved process and cost savings. EHS Essentials, combined with our ability to provide online courses and SDS management in a single platform, is the perfect fit for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their EHS programs."

HSI EHS Essentials is immediately available and priced to be a low-cost entry for businesses looking to get started with tracking and improving their EHS programs, with the ability to grow as the business necessitates. For more information about EHS Essentials, please visit https://hsi.com/solutions/ehs-....

With investments by Waud Capital Partners, HSI continues to invest in product growth and strategic acquisitions that further its mission of making workplaces safer and smarter, improving EHS and ESG functions, empowering employee development, and simplifying business compliance.

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