8 Key Components of Modern eLearning
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Executive Summary

Fact: To have a successful eLearning program, you need to think about more than just buying video content, or even buying an LMS.

Yes, both video content and a quality LMS are needed to get things off the ground, but more is needed. How those videos are created and presented, and what activities, practices, and attitudes surround them, make the difference between a mildly ineffective program and a successful one that supports a true learning culture.

To Be Clear...

This white paper is not a pitch for the newest eLearning products or a list of trends to watch for in the coming years. Rather, we intend it to be an exploration of those things we see as being at the core of modern, effective eLearning. While we might mention a new technology here or an eLearning trend there, our focus is on those elements that, today, are necessary to make eLearning successful (and go beyond purchasing a good video library or LMS).

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